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In The Name Of Allah
People always wanna ask God for things, get mad at him over things they can’t get or understand, some try to discredit him some ppl beg for this n that, question his existence, expect him to just do things and it’s like what do we do for him? Even though he doesn’t need anything from us point is we act like things should be this way n that way but what are we willing to do to please him? Are you willing to sacrifice things for him and his cause by the way his cause is to believe in him and live righteous and do good deeds. What are you willing to sacrifice for God if u had too? That is a test of Iman (faith)? I wonder how some ppl even come to God when they speak to him are you and clothes purified? Let’s ask ourselves what do we do to please our lord? None of are perfect we make mistakes, n do dumb things but we must follow up a bad deed with a good deed always. That shows u a person with heart n belief if not u would feel no guilt. Live life as if you are a stranger on Earth a word of advice. We never know when we gonna go. Remember to a true believer (I’m talking to myself as well I’m not perfect) Earth is a heaven for non believers and a hell for believers, for non believers do bad deeds with no shame or guilt.

GOOD FRIDAY — July 5, 2015


Charlie Savage was a distraught artistic kid who kept to himself with an overprotective mother. One day on Good Friday his classmates decided to follow him into the woods in which they witnessed some of most gruesome and disgusting things they could imagine. When they interrupt young Charlie he unleashes his terror! When years have passed Charlie comes back to finish what he started as new people move into his home and he wants it back. When warned of the actions of this psycho path the new tenants don’t take heed. Charlie comes back to his small town in Endicott NY to kill anyone in his path slashing his way through the house, who can stop the Potato Man in this chilling scary tale GOOD FRIDAY! This is not a happy day. You can find this book on Amazon, Amazon kindle $5.99, createspace $5.99 or retail stores looking to purchase 10 or more books $4.00 a copy email me directly to purchase

Revenge Is A Must —

Revenge Is A Must

This movie script is a tale with 3 men robbing a drug lord who is highly affiliated. After the heist, 2 of the robbers want to become drug kingpins themselves with 1 having an aspiring rap career in battlerap as he begins his climb, the streets get rough when they go to war in they’re hood, n with snooping cop and the drug lords crew after them will they make it out alive???? This story of twists will keep you on edge go to amazon kindle and checkout Revenge Is A Must. $5.99