GOOD FRIDAY — July 5, 2015


Charlie Savage was a distraught artistic kid who kept to himself with an overprotective mother. One day on Good Friday his classmates decided to follow him into the woods in which they witnessed some of most gruesome and disgusting things they could imagine. When they interrupt young Charlie he unleashes his terror! When years have passed Charlie comes back to finish what he started as new people move into his home and he wants it back. When warned of the actions of this psycho path the new tenants don’t take heed. Charlie comes back to his small town in Endicott NY to kill anyone in his path slashing his way through the house, who can stop the Potato Man in this chilling scary tale GOOD FRIDAY! This is not a happy day. You can find this book on Amazon, Amazon kindle $5.99, createspace $5.99 or retail stores looking to purchase 10 or more books $4.00 a copy email me directly to purchase

Revenge Is A Must —

Revenge Is A Must

This movie script is a tale with 3 men robbing a drug lord who is highly affiliated. After the heist, 2 of the robbers want to become drug kingpins themselves with 1 having an aspiring rap career in battlerap as he begins his climb, the streets get rough when they go to war in they’re hood, n with snooping cop and the drug lords crew after them will they make it out alive???? This story of twists will keep you on edge go to amazon kindle and checkout Revenge Is A Must. $5.99

2Face Rise Of A Menace — June 29, 2015

2Face Rise Of A Menace

2Face Rise Of A Menace is a page turner about a man who comes from prison with big dreams when his dreams become real will he be in over his head? Or will he rise and become a thorn in the Government side? Check out this tale about Sex, Lies and deceit 2Face Rise Of A Menace! Info for this book call my card or go online amazon, barnes n noble, kindle etc, $2.99 on amazon kindle, $15.00 on createspace and you can also email me direct if you are a retail store looking to purchase in bulk $8.99 per copy for a purchase of 10 books or less, $8.00 for a purchase of 11 or more books. 2Face is a 402 page novel, look out for my other book a horror tale called Good Friday on amazon Kindle and my script Revenge Is A Must ManyFace Publishing Presents! Holla! wpid-wp-1435548635560.jpeg

What did we expect? #BlackLivesMatter — June 23, 2015

What did we expect? #BlackLivesMatter

Daily Theology

What did we expect? What did we expect when we did not react as we should, when #BlackLivesMatter came and went in the public sphere, when most people–especially most white people–went back to work as if Baltimore never happened, as if Ferguson and Selma never happened? What did we expect when, time and time and time again, the largest unified Christian denomination in the United States–Roman Catholicism–failed to consistently and vehemently repudiate the defilement of the human body that is racism in all its forms? What did we expect when the confederate flag is flown freely?  What did we expect when gun laws remained lax, and racial tensions continued to grow?  What did we expect would incur from the silence of the Church?

It is not enough to hold protests…but protests are the voice of the powerless when voting seems to matter so little. Riots, in turn, are the voice…

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A daring drunk lands a plane in Upper Manhattan —

A daring drunk lands a plane in Upper Manhattan

Crazy things been happening this proves life is a cycle

Ephemeral New York

Like so many crazy stunts, it reportedly started with a bar bet.

On September 30, 1956, Thomas Fitzpatrick (below), a 26-year-old steamfitter from Emerson, New Jersey, was drinking at a tavern on St. Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights.


For reasons that appear to be lost to history, Fitzpatrick bet another bar patron that he could get in a plane and land it in Washington Heights in 15 minutes.

Airplane1956headshotIt’s not clear if he made the time limit. But he did get a plane, a Cessna 140 two-seater stolen from Teterboro Airport, and flew it to Manhattan, where he landed it on St. Nicholas Avenue and 191st Street at 3 a.m.

Despite being drunk, Fitzpatrick “brought it down safely between six-story apartment buildings,” wrote The New York Times in 1958.

The plane “landed on a street with lampposts and cars parked on both sides,” a witness told The New York…

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A Bronx serial killer escapes from prison in 1916 —

A Bronx serial killer escapes from prison in 1916


Ephemeral New York

FrederickmorsheadshotIn 1914, residents of a Bronx nursing home called the German Odd Fellows Home began dying.

This is hardly unusual in a nursing home, of course. But officials there realized that the residents were dying in larger numbers than usual.

Officials didn’t have to do a drawn-out investigation. In February 1915, a peculiar new porter and nursing orderly at the home described as “neurotic” and a smoker of “Egyptian cigarettes” walked into the Bronx district attorney’s office.

Clad in a corduroy hunting outfit and wearing a feathered Alpine hat, he admitted that he killed eight octogenarians.

Frederickmorsheadlinenyt2Frederick Mors, 26 (above), a recent Austrian immigrant, told authorities that he used chloroform (and in one case arsenic) to “put people out of their misery.”

“When you give an old person chloroform, it’s like putting a baby to sleep,” he told police. “It frees them from all pain. It is humane and…

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Dear White Folk Who Say You “Don’t See Race” —

Dear White Folk Who Say You “Don’t See Race”

radical eyes for equity

Dear White Folk Who Say You “Don’t See Race”:

I am a white male, and when you see me, you should immediately notice both—because the parts of who I am are ultimately the whole.

To say to someone you don’t see race (or gender), you are in effect refusing to see the person, you are dehumanizing the person as somehow not worthy of being fully seen.

But there are also a few points of logic that make “I don’t see race” truly offensive.

First, the only reason to make the effort not to see race is the implication that once you see race you have racist or bigoted thoughts or actions connected to race.

Second, to consciously not see race (which is an odd concept to begin with since eyesight doesn’t allow us to filter) or to make a false claim of not seeing race also simultaneously prohibits you…

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